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Rin'GO Energy

With natural hemp essential oil and cola nut extract

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Rin'GO Immunity

With natural essential oils of fir and cedar

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Rin'GO Focus

With natural essential oil of Persian lemon

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Rin'GO Slim

With natural essential oils of grapefruit and pomelo

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Rin'GO Anti-stress

With natural essential oils of mint and lemon balm

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Rin'GO Sweet Dreams

With natural lavender and oregano essential oils

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Rin'GO For Smokers

With natural essential oils of calamus and mandarin

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Rin'Go is a real breakthrough: a new easy and convenient delivery method of healthy benefits using essential oils!
We have developed and patented the original Rin'GO single-use nasal inhaler based on the research by Richard Axel and Linda B. Buck – American scientists, 2004 Nobel laureates awarded for the outstanding achievements in the study of the smelling mechanism. Rin'GO contains aromatic compositions of natural essential oils that have healing effects on you.
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With Rin'GO aroma rings – you can create your own personal eco-system in any environment.
Rin'GO is made of biodegradable natural materials approved for use in the food industry. Made in U.S.A.
Pocket format
You just take the ring out of the package and use it whenever you need it. Rin'GO is not only an unexceptionable benefit, but it's also easy to use.
Natural product
Rin'GO is made of a hypo-allergenic organic cellulose, infused with a mixture of natural essential oils.
What people have to say about Rin’GO
It’s interesting, I ordered it just to try it. The smell is natural; the ring does not interfere with breathing, although it looks somewhat ... unusual. A very pleasant mint aroma soothes, but causes no drowsiness; on the contrary, you stop being nervous and collect your thoughts, so you can safely use it in stressful situations at work.
Angela Silva
My husband brought home Rin’GO for strengthening immunity. A coworker of his had recommended it. He said it is not visible under the mask, so you could sit in the office a whole day long with the ring. To begin with, the smell is really not obtrusive and very pleasant. There is neither headache nor unpleasant sensations. Just as if you are suddenly in a pine wood. A joyride. And the main thing, we’ve been using it since the end of November, and nobody got the flu since then. Neither me, nor husband, nor son. Though among people around us every other one, if not every one, has gone down you know what with. In a word, I recommend it. It’s not expensive and not troublesome.
Sarah Stone
I had problems with sleep. I started using Ringo, believe it or not: they are gone. I fall asleep, as well as wake up, perfectly. Before sleep I smell this little ring for about half an hour or forty minutes. While I am watching a TV series. It smells very nice, the effect is on. A minus is that the ring is disposable, and there are just eight of them in a package. I have ordered it several times already.
Emily Adams
A friend of mine recommended Rin’GO Antistress. I was getting ready for the marriage and was nervous all the time. It was difficult to get concentrated at work, my fingers were all thumbs. It looked like the pleasant event was being expected, and at the same time it was hardly possible to pull myself together and think about something different. Long story short, I bought the product and was very pleasantly surprised. First, you put on the ring and it is under the mask, it is invisible. Second, you not just inhale essential oils, but you also fight stress, and you get calm. The smell is amazing! I think it really is a potent remedy. Harmless and inexpensive. Thanks to my friend!
Laura Paulson
What was it not that we tried during the pandemic! Vitamins, supplements, herbal brews. Rin’GO is the most convenient remedy. You took some time inhaling the little ring and then it feels as if you’ve been to a pine wood. If you get a cold, it will take snots away. I just feel it is a natural thing. Nobody has fallen ill in my family, even though they had contacts with the sick ones! We are ordering the rings for the fourth time already.
Johanna Krause
I saw a new remedy for stress, and decided to give it a try. I was won by natural essential oils, I don’t like using chemicals, I resort to pills only in extremely hard situations. It has a pleasant smell, it doesn’t interfere with breathing (there were such concerns), the appearance is certainly funny, but I work at home – so, this is not a problem, to the contrary, it raises the spirits. It obviously has a soothing effect – I have stopped taking it hard when my family distracts me from my work by small things, we fight less, I feel better, I act much more cool when dealing with deadlines.
Debbie Anderson
I couldn’t fall asleep earlier because of all the anxieties and chores at work, I ordered this thing for an ozone test. At first, my wife laughed because of the ring in her nose, but then she began to use it herself. The fact is that it really helps and works !! The instructions say that the effect is achieved in 20 minutes. I set it to 40 before going to bed and at the end of use I was clearly nodding. By the way, even if you fall asleep with him, nothing terrible will happen.
Alexander Barg
I didn't really believe in the healing power of Rin'GO, I just wanted to eliminate the terrible smell of the subway. Whatever one may say, breathing mint is much more pleasant than not the cleanest jackets around. Let me put it this way: living with this ring has really become easier. I put it on before leaving the house and take pictures already at work. Besides the fact that she got rid of the unpleasant sensations in the subway, she became much calmer and more balanced. The ring itself is small, it is easy to hide under a mask if you are shy. But I am no longer shy, at work I also sometimes use it, by the way. Colleagues are also interested.
Andrea Stanley
I go in for sports with Rin'GO Slimness. At first I was skeptical when I was offered to try it in the gym, and now I don’t come to workouts without him. Firstly, the strength actually increased, and secondly, as promised, the appetite decreased. And this, excuse me, is not chemical cocktails, but a natural product. I like it, I plan to use it further.
Ashley Bragg
For work, you often have to travel between Moscow and St. Petersburg, usually on the Sapsan. The train is fast, comfortable, but you can't smoke, even if you crack, every trip is overshadowed by this. Last time a partner put Rin'GO on the road. At first I did not understand what was what, but I did not refuse the offer. I put on a ring under the mask and practically did not want to smoke all the way. Smokers, I recommend trying it!
Marcel Fernandez
How does Rin'GO work?
Inhale the scent

Fit the small ring made of organic cellulose between nostrils and inhale the aroma of natural essential oils for 10-20 minutes.

The scent activates your body's resources

The aroma ring instantly delivers essential oil vapors into your body. Boosts your body's self-regulating processes. Provides a pleasant aroma.

Feel better

Usually people can enjoy the positive effect for 5-7 hours or longer.

Rin'GO is able to instantly deliver the necessary molecules to the receptors which activate the neural connections in the brain.
Carole Townsley