Can Aromatherapy Help With Concentration?

Can Aromatherapy Help With Concentration?

Yes, the answer is yes, certain properties in aromatherapy that can help with concentration and focus. Simply by using the sense of smell, people can hone their attentions toward a more productive work environment, steady concentration, and focused tasks.

A variety of studies from credible universities and institutions throughout the world have shown that aromatherapies have increased concentration and helped children with ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder) as well as helping senior citizens with improving cognitive functions with those suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. For the children, inhaling the essential oils of cedarwood helped improve the brain patterns and decreased the ADHD common issues of inattention and hyperactivity in the youths. For the older Alzheimer's patients, a Japanese study showed very clearly that diffusing lemon with rosemary created some essential oils that helped the "cog fog" or cognitive cloudiness in the patients suffering from this debilitating disease.

A study in Great Britain showed that smelling the essential oils of peppermint and rosemary helped boost the memories and alertness of some patients. And, another Japanese study showed very clearly that workers increased their productivity and concentration at work after they took a break and inhaled lavender essential oils before going back.

The sense of smell continues to be very underrated as one of human beings' five senses as far as how the sense affects brain functions. Studies and science are showing in more and more frequency how an odor that a person breathes in can affect the limbic system that processes fear, pleasure, motivation, memory, and learning in the brain.

The U.S. National Library of Medicine showed that smells can affect the outcome of people's brain scans, showing how "the effects of smells on the limbic system and its emotional pathways."

Breathing in essential oils means that you are using natural substances from plant oils, also called essential oils, to help alter a person's psychological and physical well-being. It works on mood as well as cognitive tasks and manages stress and anxiety when people are under difficult or rigorous exams.

People who are not good at taking tests, or tend to fold under pressure when they are faced with a tough exam, can perhaps find aromatherapy as a helpful alternative to caffeine or other kinds of drugs or medications that may make a person hyper or nervous to keep focus.

How does Persian Lemon Help with Focusing?

It is well known that lemons and the use of lemon scents can drive up concentration. An Ohio State University research study showed that smelling lemons by students helps increase the brain chemical called norepinephrine that helps with motivation and quick decision making.

Lemon oil rubbed topically on the skin can fight bacteria and reduce inflammation, as well as cleanout cuts and clear skin of acne.

At Rin'GO Focus, Persian lemons are used as the kind of essential oil for enhancing focus and concentration. The use of the simple cellulose nose rings that sit easily in the septum between the nostrils will allow you to inhale the beneficial smells of the Persian lemon.

Why Persian lemons? These are very sweet lemons that are known for being very juicy and delicious. These Persian lemons have no acidity in them like other citrus fruit, the ad is very high in Vitamin C.

Ancient therapies suggest that the use of Persian lemons helped people suffering from anxiety and depression. It has become a way for many cultures to start their day by inhaling a bit of lemon before heading off to work.

Rather than a complicated way of using a diffuser for essential oils or placing the concentrated Persian lemon drops in a bowl of warm water, Rin'GO makes it easy to just slip the nose ring on while heading out the door, and within 10 to 20 minutes, the same effect will take place to help focus and concentration for the hours ahead.

The Rin'GO creators found that Persian lemons help stimulate the cognitive abilities in your brains, such as memory, concentration, and performance by breathing in and getting the calming sensation. The experts have discovered different combinations of essential oils that we have created will help with specific goals, like dealing with stress, creating more energy, controlling your hunger, getting better sleep, curbing your smoking habit, and boosting your immunity.

Can Aromatherapy Help Me With Studying?

It is not a mistake or coincidence that many cleaning products used in office buildings have a distinct smell of lemons. That is known to help people focus and get to work more productively.

Likewise, when faced with the need to concentrate and study, the use of Persian Lemon can help relieve you of the stresses and improve your daily studying habits. Your efficiency and performance can go on the upswing and the essential oils can help you relax.

Other scents that are known to help with focus and concentration include rosemary, which harkens back to Shakespeare's days when he wrote "There's rosemary, that is for remembrance." The smells provide a much-needed memory boost, enhance energy, and reduce stress -- all of which enhances productivity and creativity. Also, peppermint and frankincense are said to help study, according to some aromatherapy experts.

These essential oils work to stimulate the brain out of a fatigued state and that is why the focus increases.

Other simple suggestions to go along with enhancing your studies at work and school is to keep away from other electronic devices that are unnecessary that could distract you, like texting on a phone. Make sure that there is enough light in the area where you are reading or studying, but not too much glaring bright light.

Use the Rin'GO Focus for professional spa staff, masseuses, nail technicians, and other specialists that provide treatments and need to focus to perform better. Workers are becoming more receptive to wearing protective gear like masks than ever before, and sometimes they need an added incentive while wearing the face coverings to smell something pleasant.

Throughout the world, there is a growing demand for natural and organic remedies and aromatherapy. They have been inconvenient to use, and cumbersome.

Now, on the heels of a global pandemic, most of society is concerned about health and wellness more than ever before in history, and concentrating takes a back seat. This may be your solution.

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