How Does Aromatherapy Help People Quit Smoking?

How Does Aromatherapy Help People Quit Smoking?

Drug rehab experts and therapists dealing with addictions know that getting someone to quit smoking is a tough job. In fact, some experts say that the addictive qualities of nicotine make is almost harder to kick the cigarette habit than it is to give up heroin addiction. That's an incredible addiction to stop.

It is well known that the attempt to quit smoking is rife with false starts and well intentions, but people tend to go back to it because the urge is still there.

Some experts have found that the use of essential oils in aromatherapy can help smokers kick the habit, and there's no tobacco involved. The experts at Rin'GO Aroma Rings for Smokers have found that the essential oils of calamus and mandarin, which are the best known natural products for reducing nicotine withdrawal effects, are nature's way of reducing and decreasing the cravings and desire for nicotine.

These small rings can be worn at work, at school, on public transportation or while shopping.The active ingredients of Rin'GO Anti-Smoking are known for centuries to help strengthen and relax the nervous system and relax the desire to smoke. And don't be afraid to use aroma rings at any time during the day because they will relieve stress without causing drowsiness.

Some people suggest that inhalation is the best way to quit smoking with aromatherapy, but others seem to dispute that claim because it is as if substituting one smoke substance for another. Something like Rin'GO Aroma Rings will avoid any burning or lighting that could trigger a desire for a cigarette, and will be better for the lungs. So, although some aromatherapy depends on inhalers, diffusers, candles or vaporizers, for this particular issue of smoking, it's best to use something as simple as a cellulose ring that can fit snugly between your nostrils.

Some things to definitely avoid is any kind of trigger. Also, do not think that having "just one" will relieve your craving or will to have nicotine. Practicing relaxation techniques, yoga breathing practices and lots of exercise could also steer you away from smoking.

But, the essential oils continue to remain a proven assistance to get through this terrible addiction.Many people who want to quit smoking may kick the habit for days, months or even years, but then eventually fall back into the same pattern because they have not found an effective way to deal with craving.

Rin'GO Anti-Smoking Rings have found that the use of calamus and mandarin orange in a combination of essential oils may work best to kick the habit.

How Does Calamus Help with Aromatherapy?

Calamus oil makes your blood vessels contract and it reduces pressure on the cranial nerves, which dilate when smokers experience the craving or nicotine withdrawal when trying to quite.

The calamus oil reduces the feelings of pain and is used for the treatment of severe headaches and vertigo. It is also used in larger quantities as a sedative for the tranquilizing effect on the brain and nerves.

You may have heard that calamus is banned in the United States. It has been for use for food by the Code of Federal Regulations, but it is safe for use of scents and essential oils. The use of Calamus in the use of the Rin'GO for Smokers is completely safe and easy to use.

In ancient times, people used to chew calamus to remove the odor of tobacco. It was also known as a stimulant to increase a sense of well-being or even a hallucinogen. Rin'GO uses calamus in a safe dose and is approved by the food industry.

The calamus root smells like wet cake dough, or like a woody leather scent. The plant reduces swelling and causes muscle relaxation.

The use of Rin'GO rings is a convenient fast way to circulate the soothing effects of essential oils throughout the body. The 100 percent natural product was developed by Nobel Prize-winning scientists Richard Axel and Linda Buck. They proved that there are undeniable positive effects of aromatherapy on humans.

What are the Benefits of Mandarin?

Not just any orange, but Mandarin oranges are the necessary essential oil with health benefits known to help the circulatory system. It works as an antiseptic, relaxant and tonic for the stomach.

Why Mandarins specifically? Well, these citrus fruits are more yellow in color and come with pips and are native to China. They are small like tangerines, but different in taste and health properties. Mandarin essential oil is often used in perfumes, soap, cosmetics and drinks.

In ancient times, Mandarin orange oils were used to protect wounds and prevent infections. The covering of a wound with this kind of orange helped the blood collect and blocked microbes and killed bacteria according to a report as recent as 2018 in the International Journal of Molecular Science.

The Mandarin orange is also known to relieve spasms and cramps in the respiratory system that could cause problems like vomiting and muscle aches. This kind of essential oil can help the blood circulation and help purify the blood, as well as help with digestion.

Ancient uses have also included using Mandarin essential oil as a tonic for regular overall health. Not only as a help for the immune system, but as something that promotes cell growth, too. All of these properties combined shows how Mandarin essential oil can help fight off the craving and need for nicotine, and also may relieve damage that is already done to the body.

Rin'GO is launching these innovative rings to the world with the known substances to help curb your smoking appetite. With such a distinctive habit to kick, anything that can help may be welcomed.

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