Rin'GO Faux Pas! The No's for the Nose Therapy

Rin'GO Faux Pas! The No's for the Nose Therapy

OK, so you love your Rin'GO rings and they have helped you with all kinds of things, like relieving stress, stopping that smoking habit, or sleeping better. Placing this ring into the nasal septum is an easy way to get the best of essential oils, and they are simple to wear.

But, here are a few things to watch out for when you're wearing those comfortable on-the-go aromatherapy rings.

1. Is That a New Nose Pierce? Those cellulose rings are pretty hidden and can go easily unnoticed when out in public, but be ready to answer this question. Is that a new fashion statement? Is that a new nose ring? No, it's Rin'GO.

2. Don't Let Someone Tell You a Joke. No doubt, if you are listening to a joke and laugh too hard while wearing a Rin'GO ring, you're going to snort it right out. Of course, that could make the joke even funnier.

3. Don't Drink Your Coffee While Wearing Them. How easy it is to wake up and want to slip one of those energy or stress rings between your nostrils, but don't forget to take them out when drinking your coffee in the morning. It could add a bit of flavor to your morning beverage.

4.No Yoga with a Rin'GO. Although it's nice to use one of the rings before or after a session of yoga to relax, even more, you are going to suck in and swallow your ring during a breath of fire. Now, consuming a Rin'GO is not hazardous but it could be uncomfortable.

5. Don't Eat your Ring. As nice as it smells, and as tasty as it may seem, don't eat your Rin'GO rings. That's not how you get the best benefit of the essential oils, and it's not candy.

6. Don't Argue with Rin'GO. First of all, you are supposed to be relaxing with these on-the-go rings, so don't put yourself in a confrontative situation while wearing your Rin'GO. Besides, if you huff and puff too much, you're going to blow it right outa of the person you're arguing with.

7. Don't Stick it Anywhere Else. Although it may feel nice to hang these cellulose rings from your ear or your belly button, you are losing the best use of this product if you're not breathing it in. And besides, it's not that much of a fashion statement.

Of course, we are having fun with this, and the use of the Rin'GO rings, but go out and enjoy them on your own and you can come up with your own do's and don'ts with your nose rings. Have fun, relax and go with Rin'GO.

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