The Stars Who Have Tried Aromatherapy and Swear By It

The Stars Who Have Tried Aromatherapy and Swear By It

Many big names in the entertainment world say they regularly use aromatherapy and say there are plenty of benefits.

Everyone from Beyonce to Gwyneth Paltrow, singer Patrick Monahan to major league baseball star Josh Hamilton have reportedly used essential oils to help them out.

Alanis Morrisette, the famed singer, likes a blend of citrus oils. Kelly Clarkson prefers jasmine. Newscaster Robin Roberts has a sleep pattern that's out of whack because she has to get up early for "Good Morning America" so she uses lavender essential oils, or she can't sleep.

Victoria Beckham the fashion designer, likes cypress oils, and actress Kerry Washington from "Scandal" enjoys aromatherapy to remain cheerful and peaceful.

Actress, athlete, and entrepreneur April Monet is so impressed with Rin'GO that she is endorsing the product. The single mom and entertainment publicist said she is impressed with the 100 percent natural essential oils that can help relieve stress in an easy and convenient way.

Monet says, "Rin'GO offers a solution that is portable for use anywhere, anytime, and is safe for everyone from kids to senior citizens. This is truly the latest trend in natural health and wellness."

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