Unnecessary Concerns about Calamus in  Aromatherapy, it's Safe in Rin'GO

Unnecessary Concerns about Calamus in Aromatherapy, it's Safe in Rin'GO

You may have heard that Calamus is banned in the United States. It has been for use for food by the Code of Federal Regulations, but it is safe for use of scents and essential oils. The use of Calamus in the use of the Rin'GO for Smokers is completely safe and easy to use.

Calamus oil makes the blood vessels contract and it reduces pressure on the cranial nerves, which dilate when smokers experience craving or nicotine withdrawal. It reduces the feelings of pain and is used for the treatment of severe headaches and vertigo. It is also used in larger quantities as a sedative for the tranquilizing effect on the brain and nerves.

In ancient times, people used to chew the calamus to remove the odor of tobacco. It was also known as a stimulant to increase a sense of well-being or even a hallucinogen.

Rin'GO uses Calamus in a safe dose and is approved by the food industry.

The Calamus root smells like wet cake dough, or like a woody leather scent. The plant reduces swelling and causes muscle relaxation.

The use of Rin'GO rings is a conveniently fast way to circulate the soothing effects of essential oils throughout the body. The 100 percent natural product was developed by Nobel Prize-winning scientists Richard Axel and Linda Buck. They proved that there are undeniable positive effects of aromatherapy on humans.

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