Why that Christmas Tree Smells so Good and How Cedar and Fir Scents Help Your Immunity

Why that Christmas Tree Smells so Good and How Cedar and Fir Scents Help Your Immunity

You know how it is when you walk into a room and you smell a real Christmas tree. The scent of pine simply makes you smile. Aromatherapy, like Rin'Go, knows that scents like pine help their health and boost their immunity.

Doctors proved that the essential oils in aromatherapy actually stimulate areas in your nose called smell receptors. Those receptors send messages to your brain through the central nervous system and that's what happens when we walk through a forest of cedars.

This scent triggers the brain's limbic system which also controls memories, emotions, how we learn, and how we heal. The oils also have an impact on your hypothalamus which secretes chemicals in the brain that make you feel calm, comforted, and good.

We have unveiled a great solution to ease the pain with Rin'GO Aroma Rings, and it's simple and cost-effective. You can use one of the rings very easily and find some quick relief in a matter of minutes.

Even if you know nothing about aromatherapy, you probably heard about how certain scents can help you relax, perk up, or have some sort of positive effects on you and your body.

Pines, or conifers, have needles instead of leaves and that creates purity in their odor. And this is well known throughout history, because cypress, for example, was used in the tombs of mummies by the ancient Egyptians to clean the smell of decomposition and keep away the smells of Death.

Traditionally, also, cedar blocks and wood shavings are known to repel moths and therefore placed in closets or drawers. Some pine is used in pencils to keep a smell that is spicy to promote studying and attention. Balsam firs are known as the most fragrant trees to use for holiday decorations.

The substance of pines not only ward off insects, diseases, and other plants but provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral protection.

That's why cedar and fir scents are used in the Rin'GO Immunity rings that create a comforting and relaxing environment. Whether on your commute, at home, or in the work environment, wearing these small rings will make the shopping, deadlines, meetings, and public places a bit more tolerable.

The art of forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, is a Japanese tradition of taking a leisurely walk through a thick forest to shop with healing powers. This practice is becoming a global movement.

We have combined various scents in our rings for maximum effectiveness and in these days of constantly new strains of the virus, who can't use a bit more of an immunity boost?

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