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Aroma Evolution
We got acquainted with the healing properties of essential oils long before the introduction of medicine which is known and understood by all. Today, the benefits of aromatherapy have been proven not only by numerous studies, but also by time. Rin'GO is a revolutionary solution. Embodying the knowledge and experience of generations of scientists from the antiquity to the present day, the product fully meets the standards of progressive technologies of the future.
Rin'GO is a breakthrough in aromatherapy. This is a convenient, fast and safe way to convey the beneficial properties of essential oils. By placing the mini ring into the nasal septum, you achieve the effect in less than half an hour. Rin'GO is a 100% natural product.
American scientists Richard Axel and Linda Buck won the Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology in 2004. The researchers substantiated and described the mechanisms of smelling in detail, proving once again the undeniable effect of aromatherapy on the human organism.
20th century
The benefits of aromatherapy have been proven by the researchers from Novosibirsk State Medical University. The same subject was covered by dissertations presented at Yalta National Scientific Centre and at Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after Astafyev. Large-scale research was carried out throughout the 20th century under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages, alchemists were searching for the elixir-stone and carried out various experiments, trying to create a prototype of the antibiotic. It was at that time that essential oils began to be actively used for medicinal purposes. It took years to study the effect of each individual extract. The knowledge of the wise doctors did not vanish; over time, this area became a subject of more profound and detailed research.
Anno ante Christum
The first mention of the use of essential oils dates back to 4000 BC. In India, healing aromatherapy was spread through the philosophy of Ayurveda; the healers and priests of Ancient Egypt described in detail the beneficial properties of plants in papyri which eventually formed the basis of the books by Dioscorides and Pliny the Elder. Aromatherapy was popular in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece. Alexander the Great himself used the drops of sacred incense to rub into his body and to scent his personal belongings.

According to the aroma psychologists who worked over the development of Rin'GO, the advantages of the mini-ring are obvious. In addition to its undeniable, scientifically proven benefits, Rin'GO contributes to achievement of positive effect without effort and time input. It is easy, fast and completely safe.