Expand Your Retail Offerings with Ringo Aromatherapy

Add Aromatherapy to Your Product Selection 

Learn how Ringo's portable aromatherapy solution can help your retail business or distribution network. Our Ringo cellulose nasal diffuser offers relaxing aromatherapy on-the-go in a sleek package of 8 disposable rings. Ringo Aromatherapy Solutions retailers and distributors are increasing, and we have seen retailers charge between 10-15 USD per pack selling in gas stations, convenience stores, and other small businesses.

Why Ringo for Retail or Distribution?
Ringo Standing Retail Picture
  • Compact, inconspicuous, and user-friendly
  • Compatible with many essential oil combinations
  • Wide range of relaxing and calming scents
  • Proven client satisfaction and loyalty
  • Our bulk purchase offer is ideal for business growth
  • Two Different Point of Sale Styles: Hanging, and Standing
  • Exclusive Retailer/Distributor Offer

Ringo Difference
Ringo Aromatherapy Solutions is popular because it emphasizes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Ringo can differentiate your retail store or distribution network by offering a unique, high-quality product.

Start Now!
Ringo Aromatherapy Solutions enhances retail offers and creates a wonderful shopping experience. Contact us to hear about our exclusive bulk purchasing offer for retailers and distributors.